Why is Vaping Gaining Popularity Among Millennials in 2023?

Apr 24, 2023

Why is Vaping Gaining Popularity Among Millennials in 2023? Blog bannerSmoking cigarettes isn’t cool anymore, but vaping is! The emergence of vaporizers and disposables raised similar questions: would they be a passing trend or a long-lasting phenomenon? As it turns out, vaping has proven to be a lasting trend and is not going away anytime soon. Currently, there are millions of vapers in the United States, and the Millennial generation has shown the most significant interest in smoke-free and vaping movements. In 2023, we expect this trend to continue and thrive!

Why Millennials?

Unsurprisingly, millennials have emerged as the primary group for vape devices. This is the same generation that came of age during the rise of the World Wide Web. Millennials have witnessed a complete transformation in technology and electronics, permeating daily life. With technology evolving and becoming essential to everyday living, this generation would be the first to embrace electronic vaporizers.

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Why is Vaping Popular among Millennials?

Vaping was initially marketed as a better alternative to smoking, aimed at smokers trying to quit. CBD vape kits were advertised as a way for smokers to have a similar experience while remaining healthy. With its major factor in quitting old habits, the millennial generation has also contributed to its popularity as a healthier alternative to smoking due to its focus on maintaining optimal health.

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How is Vaping Eco-Friendly?

Vaping has always been seen as a more eco-friendly alternative. Vapes can be used repeatedly for years, making them more environmentally friendly than single-use products. Additionally, vapes produce vapor rather than smoke, which is less likely to harm the environment.

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How Can You Customize Vape Sessions?

Your local smoke shop offers vaporizers of all kinds and vape juice flavors, ranging from fruity to traditional tobacco flavors. Vaping has become a multi-billion dollar industry with trendy product designs and the ability to customize the appearance and vaping experience. From puffing dry herbs to wax concentrates, there are levels of customization that make vaping popular among millennials.

Although e-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular among adults of all ages, they have a particular appeal to the Millennial Generation. It is expected that vape use will continue to rise in 2023, so if you are considering whether or not to start vaping, this trend will likely persist. This provides ample opportunity to research, seek clarification, and choose the most suitable vaping kit—shop at SutraVape.com to grab your next favorite device!