The Benefits of a Concealed Carry Cartridge Vaporizer

May 8, 2024
The Benefits of a Concealed Carry Cartridge Vaporizer

With the rapid growth in popularity of cartridge vaporization in the past 5 years, the oil filled tanks attached to pens have become as common as the day is long. But what if you wanted to enjoy your concentrate or oil while out and about without having to announce to the world that you're vaping from a cartridge?

This is where the advancement of concealed cartridge technology has stepped in, to bridge the divide and provide people with a more discreet method of accessing your oils. Follow along with us in this Sutra Vaporizer Blog as we break down what exactly these concealed carry vaporizers are, the benefits they provide, and some great choices for you to pick one up today.

What are Concealed Cartridge Vaporizers?

Concealed Cartridge Vaporizers are devices that allow for your cartridge to fit entirely within the body of the vape. Often vapes in this category will have a detachable bottom piece that contains the 510 threaded connection, all you do is screw the cart in before sliding it into the fully concealed body.

Once locked in, you will be able to draw from the vaporizer's exterior mouthpiece and seamlessly access your cartridge's delicious flavors all while it is fully hidden with the body. You can now go about vaping just as usual but with a host of added benefits like privacy, protection, and increased cleanliness.

Woman holding Sutra SILO in front of iridescent background

Privacy and Discretion

Traditional exposed vaporizer pens and devices are great, but often have a very flashy outward appearance that screams “look at me!”. By grabbing a vape that allows for a concealed cartridge, you are taking back the power of your discretion to consume your medicinal doses or favorite flavors in a more low key manner.

Not only does the concealed cartridge provide you with more privacy, but it doubles as a bonus to those who may not like seeing the oil tanks out in public. By keeping yours out of these prying eyes you are making a more comfortable public environment, for everyone as what they don’t know can’t hurt them.

Being respectful of those who are averse to vaping is a must in order to avoid bringing down the vibes, that’s why concealing your cartridge helps ensure a smooth experience. Additionally, without the very recognizable visible CBD tank, your vaporizer will resemble a more traditional nicotine device to have you blending into the crowd as if you were playing Assassin's Creed.

Cartridge Safety

The next massive improvement in a concealed cartridge is that when you house your cart within a hard exterior shell, you are providing it with the utmost of security. While strong, most cartridges are still delicate devices that need to be carefully watched over to ensure no cracks or day ruining breakages. By concealing your cartridge within the vaporizer itself you are giving it the utmost protection from dropping or any other instance that would normally lead to a headache inducing result.

Whether you are putting your vaporizer in your bag or backpack, having a concealed cartridge will ensure that you are 100% safe during travel. Leakages that can arise from heavy travel will be completely avoided, and instead you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your cartridge is ready to go whenever you should need it.

Two oil cartridges resting side by side on soft surface


One of the most often sources of cartridge malfunction arises from the slow accumulation of dust or pocket lint that comes from regular daily travel. This is because usually your cart's mouthpiece is directly exposed to the elements. It therefore is taking the full brunt of your daily wear and tear without any protection. Concealed cartridge vaporizers completely change this.

By having the actual cartridge wholly within the vaporizer body, your mouthpiece is completely protected from any outside elements. This means you are no longer exposing your cartridge to as much dust and are extending its clog free lifespan. On top of that, by having a barrier between your mouth and the actual cartridge you are preventing any saliva or backwash from flowing into your cart that can lead to less than hygienic conditions.

What Are Some Sutra Options?

Now that we have a grasp on all that these concealed cartridge vaporizers can offer, let's take a look at two amazing options we have; the Silo and Silo Pro!

The Sutra Vape SILO Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer is modeled in the traditional pen shape, but with a more bespoke ergonomic design that makes using it feel just right. With a removable bottom piece that accommodates 510 threaded cartridges, the SILO lets you completely conceal your cartridge without the device feeling bulky. For added ease of use the SILO is fully draw activated which means zero buttons to worry about, all you have to do is inhale and you're off to the races. To make sure the SILO fits your own personal vibes, take your pick between 6 available colors including pearl, blue, and silver.

Taking things up a notch, the Sutra Vape SILO Pro Auto Draw Cartridge Vaporizer offers even more capable concealment thanks to its ability to house carts up to 2G in size! This means you have even more compatibility with today’s leading cartridges, without ever having to make concessions on your privacy. Just like the base SILO, the Pro features auto draw activation for a buttonless experience that makes your vaporizing as smooth as possible. Additionally the SILO is featured in 6 different color options including gunmetal, shiny full color, and pearl!

Man holding Sutra SILO Pro under pink and purple studio lighting

In Summation

As we’ve seen, the world of concealed cartridge vaporizing is one that offers a host of benefits thanks to its ability to increase your privacy, cartridge safety, and cleanliness. For more tips and pointers from Sutra Vape, make sure to check out the rest of our Vaporizer Blog!