Read It & Puff: Vape Words You Need To Know

Jan 25, 2023

Read It & Puff: Vape Words You Need to Know

Welcome back to learning basic vape terminology! From understanding the meanings of acronyms to memorizing regularly used vape lingo, Sutra is here to help you step-by-step to follow the guidelines to easy vape sessions. By the end of this, you’ll be able to understand and talk like a pro vaper! Here are some key terms that will help you along your vape journey:


The top base of a refillable vaporizer or box mod that carries the e-liquid materials.

Automatic Shut-Off

A safety feature that automatically turns off the device if overheating is detected or if the device is not being used.

For example, the Sutra Squeeze offers an Auto-Shut Off after 15 minutes of no use.


Stands for organic light emitting diode. This is the light display that notifies users on vape levels, battery lifespan, and any other information that is provided by the device.

For example, The Sutra Mini features an OLED display that is used for vital vaping information.

Starter Kit

A complete set for beginners that includes basic vaporizer equipment. Most starter kits come with 1-3 atomizers, a battery, a charger, a cartridge, and a user manual.


There are plenty more terms to learn and get used to, but in the meantime, stick to understanding the basics. Use these terms to describe your sessions and make sure to follow up on new words every other week. Check out our vaporizer collection at!