Read It & Puff: New Words to Use While Vaping with Other Vapers

Feb 22, 2023

Read It & Puff: New Words to Use While VapingWelcome back to Sutra’s simple lesson to comprehending vape terminology! Sessions with advanced vapers may be tough, mostly when you have no idea what they are saying. From understanding the basic definitions to memorizing commonly used vape lingo, we are here to guide you to become a proficient vaper one puff at a time. Here are some important key terms that will help you along your vape sessions:


A single-use vaporizer that can be thrown away after its materials have been all emptied out.


The measurement of electrical resistance—it is the equivalent of one volt per one ampere.

For example, the Sutra Squeeze incorporates a resistance range of 0.5ohm to 2.0ohm.


A type of liquid that is turned into an aerosol by an e-cigarette or a vaporizing product. E-juice or e-liquid is typically a mixture of water, food grade flavoring, nicotine or CBD materials.


An oil cartridge that is compatible with attaching onto vape batteries. A 510 connection is known for universal threading and is usually sold in 0.5g and 1 gram cartridges.

For example, most of our vape pens are 510-threaded, including the Sutra Auto and the Sutra SILO.


Vape lingo takes time to get used to—trust us, we know! Use these new terms to delineate your vape sessions with your friends and excel as an advanced vaper in no time. Check out our portable vaporizers at!