Product Spotlight: Sutra Mini is a Game Changer

Dec 14, 2022

Sutra Mini a Real Game Changer Blog Banner

Change up your sessions with the Sutra Mini Vaporizer! This device is a compact vape that uses dry herbs and concentrates on the go. The Mini provides pure convection heating and offers the smoothest clouds of vapor. Powered by a 1600mAh li-polymer battery, the Sutra Mini is a 3-inch single-button operation device with full temperature control, high-quality construction from Stainless Steel, and a micro USB charging port. With so many amazing advanced features, the Sutra Mini is an absolute game changer; here’s why:

Sutra Mini Standing near Christmas Decorations

Temperature Control & Preheat Mode

The Sutra Mini features full temperature control, where you can easily set your desired heat setting for your materials. This device has a quick preheat functionality and a maximum temperature of 430°F.

Sutra Mini laying next to watch on wooden table

Stainless Steel Heating Oven

With its stainless steel oven, warming materials are simple and fast-acting. You can easily place your grounded dry herbs into the oven, secure them back up with its snappable mouthpiece, and wait for your herbs to warm up.

The Mini also has a quartz cup for filtering your wax concentrates and delivering a smoother taste during inhalation.

Man holding Sutra Mini inside studio with baby blue lighting

OLED Display

This device also includes a clear OLED screen display for stating vital information. The OLED screen display showcases the chosen temperature and battery life. 

Perfect for beginner vapers, the Sutra Mini will never disappoint! From its exquisite build to its easy-to-use functionalities, the Mini includes a quartz cup, a cleaning brush, a dab tool, tweezers, two silicone caps, and a USB cable. The Sutra Mini will satisfy every session you encounter, so try it now and don’t miss out.