How to Have a Hot Vape Summer!

Jun 19, 2024
How to Have a Hot Vape Summer!

Rejoice! The start of Summer has finally arrived!

That means it’s time to break out your favorite pair of sunglasses, plan some fun activities, and figure out which vape is going to accompany you on all of your sun lit adventures!

Keep reading this Sutra Vaporizer Blog to learn some summer vape safety tips, which Sutra devices are primed to enhance your fun, and a couple of activities to bring your new vape along with you on!

Top 3 Summer Safety Tips

First amongst our tips this summer, is do NOT leave your vape in a hot car or direct sunlight for any amount of time! When exposed to heat like this, your vaporizer can get damaged internally or even catch fire! Not good for a chill summer day!

An important note is the “for any amount of time” caveat, we all know that sometimes we just want to run into a store for a minute. But this is the summer after all, you never know when you will run into someone or get stuck for longer; so just be sure to bring your vape along with you to avoid any of this!

Next, we’d like to point out that you should NEVER jump into a pool or the ocean while your vaporizer is still in your pocket! Much like your cellphone, if your vaporizer is exposed to water its internal components will no longer work as intended.

So if you are about to do a cannonball, make sure your phone, wallet, AND vaporizer are in the clear to avoid any watery mishaps!

Lastly, this summer we recommend never leaving your house or apartment without a fully charged vaporizer! Summer is the season of unpredictability, so anytime you can interject your own version of order via your properly charged, always ready to go vape is one you should take!

Start the habit of always plugging in for a quick charge during your morning routine to make sure your vaporizer is always getting the proper charging time.

Man holding Sutra DBR Pro near water

Top 3 Summer Vapes

To ensure that your Summer is one for the memory books, we decided to highlight 3 of our vaporizers that go perfectly with the change in seasons. These include options for cartridges, dry herbs, and concentrates!

For your on the go cartridge adventures this Summer, take a look at our Silo Pro! These awesome little guys are 510 threaded compatible to make these your most versatile vaporizing option. For your added relaxation, the Silo Pro is equipped with auto draw activation to make them incredibly easy to use while chilling.

Add to that 3 preset temperature settings, ability to accommodate cartridges up to 2 grams in size, and a concealed cartridge port to make the Silo Pro THE ultimate low key vaporizer this summer. NO matter if you're trying a friend's cartridge or sampling something new from the shop, the Silo Pro Auto Draw is there to have your back!

On the dry herb side of things, look at the fan favorite the Mini Vaporizer! The Mini allows you to bring all of your best dry herbs on the go with you without sacrificing any potency or cloud density. That’s because the Mini has a 1600mAh battery to properly bring your herb to heat with a maximum temperature of 430˚F for the best overall vapor experience.

The Mini has a wide mouthpiece and large herb chamber to make passing it around the fire with friends the most chill of times. The Mini is both durable and compact in design, so this is the best way to make sure you always have a way to vape your herb no matter where your Summer nights may bring you!

Taking things to a whole new level of potency, the DBR Pro is here with the keys to the kingdom of cloud city! These ultra powerful concentrate vaporizers are outfitted with a 1,500mAh battery to supercharge your wax into the milkiest of clouds.

Three built in temperature settings, water filtration, and the inclusion of 3 different types of coils makes the DBR Pro the ultimate back deck session machine for all your late nights, sunny mornings, and everything in between!

Top 3 Summer Activities

Before we leave you we want to point out a couple of awesome summertime activities to pair with your Sutra Vaporizers!

If you are hitting the trails this summer for a bit of good old fashioned hiking, consider bringing your Silo Pro along for the journey! The concealed cartridge design keeps your cart safe from the elements and the auto draw activation makes this the perfect vaporizer to use while on the move!

Should a summer bonfire on the beach is more your speed, then the Mini is the absolute perfect option for you! Its massive battery is perfect for round after round of dry herb chambers and works perfectly as a passing piece between friends. Thanks to the easy loading, this one is perfect to have along when you are digging in for a relaxing couple of hours.

Now if hanging around the grill and relaxing with loved ones is your summer fun, then you should really pick up the DBR Pro as it's the perfect table top chiller! Enjoy its premium concentrate vaporization as you sizzle some patties on the grill, the DBR Pro will have any BBQ absolutely lit!

Man holding Sutra SILO Pro near beach

In Conclusion... It's Summer!

Now that you have some do’s, do not’s, and some to do’s, it's time to step outside and embrace the heat! So let's get out there and make sure your hot vape summer 2024 is as lit as can be!

For more tips and vaporizer discussions, please check out the rest of our postings at our official Sutra Vaporizer Blog!