5 Reasons Why The Sutra DBR Pro is the Rig For YOU

Nov 2, 2022

5 Reasons why the Sutra DBR Pro is the Rig for you banner

Love dabs? Always on the go? No problem, Sutra is here with the latest DBR Pro! The brand new DBR Pro is a portable E-rig that performs advanced and modernized functions like never before. Powered by a 1500mAh battery, this compact device features 3 voltage settings (3.0V-4.0V), 3 swappable coils, and haptic feedback. The DBR Pro also includes a USB-C port for fast charging capabilities and the sleekest design that is convenient to clean and maintain. If you’re looking for the IDEAL rig, why not just go all out and experience the wonders of the DBR Pro? Here are 5 reasons why the DBR Pro is the right choice for you:

man holding Sutra DBR Pro in hand inside studio with red lighting

1. It’s easy to use and lightweight to carry

If you are someone who loves a session while out at a festival, camping in the woods, or anything in between, the DBR Pro is your best bet yet. This device is 5 inches tall, making it very easy to slip it into your fanny packs!

Sutra DBR Pro taken apart to show parts inside studio using red lighting

2. It lets you have a customized dab session

The DBR Pro lets you choose what kind of session to enjoy by supplying you with 3 different types of coils—titanium, quartz, and ceramic. Each kind of coil has its differences, whether it is based on how long it takes to heat, which one is the most durable, or what kind of taste it produces from your concentrates.

According to Hemper’s article called “Benefits of Titanium Vs. Quartz Vs. Ceramic Nails” by Angel Ferrer, having the right dab coil can make all the difference. Ferrer states, “There’s quartz, which is the best option if you are looking for a ‘pure’ unadulterated experience…Ceramic, which takes time to get heated, but once it reaches optimal temperature, it retains heat quite well. Lastly, there’s titanium, which serves as a potential alternative to traditional nails.” In other words, with so many coil choices from the DBR Pro, you get to experience a variety of dab intakes that will make you realize your favorite coil!

3. The heating is not a problem!

The DBR Pro gives you a wide range of temperature settings from 420°-720°. With such an extensive span of temperature, this will meet your needs of how you want your concentrate to be heated. This device also warms up concentrates in a precise manner, making the hits smooth like butter and enjoyable to consume.

Sutra DBR Pro standing on window ledge inside office building

4. A trendy look that you’ve never seen before!

Sutra wanted to create a device that was new, unique, and hip; but at the same time, also convenient and practical to use. The glass bubbler simply attaches right onto the DBR Pro base, and with just five rapid clicks on its main button, the device will start itself. Once started, feel the vibration of the haptic feedback as it begins to activate. You will then press on the button 3X to switch its temperature setting (green for 420°, blue for 520°, and red for 720°). After the temperature, press the main button twice to begin preheating. When the device vibrates, you are ready to inhale!

To start your dab sesh, fill the glass bubbler with water through the mouthpiece and remove the carb cap. Next, apply your wax concentrate and power up the Sutra DBR at your desired temperature. As soon as the wax has fully melted off the tool, place the carb cap back on top to increase the density of your vapor. Finally, enjoy the flavorful taste of the DBR Pro and admire its fantastic build. The DBR Pro is available in 3 colors: Green, Black, and Full Color.

man in brown shirt holding Sutra DBR Pro inside studio

5. All you need is alcohol and water!

With its compact size, the DBR Pro won’t take a long time for you to clean. You just need water, 99% isopropyl alcohol, and some cotton swabs—just like that, you’re done in a few minutes.

Before you clean your DBR Pro, make sure that its unit has thoroughly cooled down. You will need to remove the glass bubbler from the DBR and slowly pour alcohol into its mouthpiece until it is about ¼ full. Then, rinse out the alcohol and pour water into the mouthpiece until the alcohol is entirely out of the attachment. After, remove all water from the device, blow through its mouthpiece and lightly shake it. Lastly, wipe the coil with a cotton swab and use an alcohol pad to wipe the base.

The Sutra DBR Pro has so many more qualities that you may love. From having user-friendly functions to the hippest design and the most sturdy build, the DBR Pro is without a doubt, the E-rig of the future!