Does Vaping Have Calories? And Other Questions

24 ene 2024

Does Vaping Have Calories? And Other Questions

Have you ever wondered if there are calories that you’ve just consumed after a puff from your vaporizer? To really think about it, everything that you consume has calories, gum is an excellent example—it may seem impossible as you are not digesting it, but you are still getting calories from its flavoring. In all simplicity, vaping does have calories, but at the same time, it is so small that it won’t have any harsh or heavy effect on your body. If you're vaping THC/CBD oils, you are getting only a few calories that it would be very difficult to even measure.

Oil cartridges does not contain vegetable glycerin, which is where the bulk of calories in vape juice comes from—luckily, you are an oil cartridge vaper! If you're distressed that your favorite oil cartridge is going to make you gain weight, you can enjoy your sessions worry-free.

Will Vaping Cartridges Affect Your Appetite?

Like any other vape liquid, many oil cartridges have flavors and these flavors can stimulate a want depending on its taste. For example, a puff from a watermelon flavored oil cartridge may trigger your sweet spot. Although vaping can’t really affect your appetite tremendously, you should be aware of the munchies when smoking cartridges!

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How Does Vaping Impact Fasting or a Keto Diet?

If you are on a specific diet, like Keto, where you have to stay away from carbohydrates, it is safe to say that oil cartridges have no carbs. So, those who are on a Keto diet can continue to enjoy their vapes.

Fasting restricts you from eating and at times, also drinking water. During Ramadan, for example, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, refraining from eating or drinking. In a more relaxed state, in intermittent fasting, you can have liquids during the fasting period. Intermittent fasting has become popular, especially among athletes, as it helps reduce body mass index and bring bolder performance. If you are doing intermittent fasting and are craving a puff from your vaporizer, just know that it will not break your fast, if your goal is weight loss or gut health.

Will Vaping Help Me Lose Weight?

Many individuals struggle with their physical appearance or their weight, but that does not mean that you should restrict yourself from the things you love—like, pizza or vaping! In reality, sometimes we eat because we’re bored and that is just an unhealthy fact. A way to distract yourself from eating mindlessly is to vape. Think about it, you might be just used to keeping your hands and mouth occupied, and vaping can be a help to that manner.

Note: Please understand that we do not endorse or encourage eating disorders. We want our readers and customers to live healthy and while still enjoying their favorite pastime activity.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, vaping oil cartridges does not have enough calories nor will it affect weight gain. However, using vaping as a diet strategy is not a good solution for weight loss. Effective weight management involves methods like a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. Consider treating vaping as a reward, especially when making positive lifestyle changes.

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